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Until recently, business was conducted largely inside the office. Memos, meetings, conversations — it all happened in close proximity to the men and women charged with protecting a company's reputation and bottom line. It took place right there in the office, where a good manager could see and decipher it for herself.

Today though, offices and workers are scattered across the globe. And while the same memos, meetings and conversations still occur, they happen over everything from email to cellphones to Bloomberg chat, creating digital footprints far too large for even the finest manager to track and understand.

That's where RedOwl comes in. Using cutting edge inferential algorithms, social networking theory and easy-to-understand visualizations, RedOwl's Reveal software uses today's enormous data trails to answer the same questions managers have been asking since the days of slide rules.

Reveal turns the data trail into meaningful answers to plain language questions, providing the ultimate in digital situational awareness.