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Truly Understand the Human Layer of the Firm

RedOwl enables information security and compliance teams to proactively tackle their most pressing problem – insider risk. Their enterprises are awash in data, insider-related security breaches have become a constant, and regulators continue to demand better oversight and surveillance. We offer a software solution that provides unprecedented capabilities to support better monitoring, reporting, and post-incident forensics. We do this by ingesting communications, digital activity, physical access, and financial transactions into one platform to provide a holistic view of an individual, applying advanced mathematics to model and proactively identify risky behavior before it becomes a security or compliance headache. And we pride ourselves on a user interface that makes smart analysts and investigators smarter – empowering their own human intuition.

  • E-Mail
  • Chat & IM
  • Phone Calls / Logs

Communication Data

  • Trades
  • Change Logs
  • General Transactions


  • System logins
  • Network Activity
  • Printer & File Actions


  • Door swipes
  • Location Data
  • Calendar data


Fuse disparate employee data streams into one platform to statistically model human activity, content, and relationships across all modes.

What does RedOwl Provide?

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Save massive time by searching across all data streams in one tool. Visually track who touched and influenced a piece of content over time.
Statistically models human activity, content and relationships across all modes. Score high risk transactions and events.
Be alerted to new, trending, strange, words, patterns and external relationships. Delivers real time alerting and reporting of high-risk strange activities and behaviors.


RedOwl is rethinking how both the enterprise and government conduct responsible oversight of their own people through data science and software. RedOwl has assembled a world class team to tackle the industry’s most urgent cyber concern – insider risk – and they are already delivering real and immediate value. I have experienced Reveal deployed in the private sector and can attest to its success and value add with respect to mitigating risk and closing the vulnerabilities gap in the risk equation.

Tim Murphy, Former FBI Deputy Director


K2 intelligence has used the Reveal platform in a variety of different sensitive engagements. Reveal’s ability to ingest an array of data types coupled with its sophisticated search as well as visual analytic capabilities enabled us to focus in on the most relevant and responsive communications. This allowed for a quick and efficient review of the data, and led to a successful resolution for the client. We are even more bullish on their continuous monitoring capabilities and ability to proactively manage risk.

Mitch Silber, Executive Managing Director, Intelligence and Analytic Solutions, K2 Intelligence


RedOwl has the capability of understanding how your organization functions, processing those details and providing a solution to defend it from the insider threats that we all face today. Their capabilities are unique across the industry, and we are very excited about the future of the company.

Jay Leek, Chief Information Security Officer, Blackstone Group